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Dobro is not just about manufacturing designer’s furniture. Huge part of the work is investigation of the urban environment and space that will surround objects and the user's needs. Creation of each object - is the process of solving a certain problem, it’s about multifunсtionality where form always follows function.  We aim to find simplicity, harmony with nature and special attention to details.

Dobro is also about sustainability. The main material is metal, which is provided for reuse. We use it carefully, minimizing the environmental impact.

We love what we do and always strive to make the environment more comfortable and brighter.

photo_Nazar Pavlesa.jpg


Ukrainian industrial designer,co-founder of the studio. He studied architecture at National University Lviv Polytechnic. At the studio he is involved in the whole process of product’s creation from sketches to mass production. His aim is not only to design a new product but to investigate and solve relevant problems of the urban environment. Since 2023 Nazar has taught product design in a local art university.

photo_Volodymyr Pavlesa.jpg


Engineer, co-founder of the studio. He considers the quality of production as the key to a good result.

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